ARFC Staff / Officials

First Team Manager – Kevin Harper
Assistant Manager – Joe McLaughlin
Reserve Team – Lewis Wilson Coach, Graeme Liveston: Assistant and Scott Williamson: Assistant.
Chairman –Eddie Hagerty
Vice Chair – Ian Benton, Bill Shields
Honorary President – Lew McWilliams
Club Directors: Ian Benton, Ronnie Boyd, Eddie Hagerty, Mark Hunter, Bill Shields, Colin Woodward, Gordon Lind and Alison McGowan
Finance Manager:
Committee of Management: Ian Benton, Ronnie Boyd, Andy Fitzpatrick, Eddie Hagerty, Dianne Leslie (Commercial Manager), Lorraine Simpson (Finance Manager) Alison McGowan (Supporters’ Trust)
Goalkeeping Coach – Michael Duke (RIP)
Sports Therapist – JD Peacock

Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer: Andy Tallan Child Welfare and Protection Officer
For the past 2 years, Andy Tallan has carried out the role of Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer for Albion Rovers.  Andy oversees and advises on all safeguarding issues, and has a wealth of experience in this area, having carried out this role for several years with community youth football teams in the area.
Anyone wishing to contact Andy with any issues or concerns can do so in confidence at:

Club Chaplain – David Shaw
Kitman – Jason Bell
Club Secretary – Colin Woodward
Commercial Manager – Dianne Leslie
Doctor – Dr Chris Ide
Safety Officer – Terry Gillooly
Disability Access Officer – Terry Gillooly
Safety Advisor – Terry Gillooly
Deputy Safety Officers – Gordon Lind, Colin Woodward
Stadium Announcer – Daniel Mossie
Photographers – Colin Woodward, Ben Kearney
Cameraman – Tommy Cooper
Programme Editorial Staff – Bill Walker,  Donald Ashwood
Programme Designer – Stephen McEwan / kasule
Programme Printers – Visage Design & Print
Website/Social Media – Daniel Mossie, Ben Kearney
OFFICIAL Club Shop –