Declan Byrne Interview

A catch-up with Declan Byrne


What have you been up to during this period?


“I’ve been trying to stay as fit as possible, I am lucky that I have my own gym in the house so it is easy enough for me to keep on top of my fitness. The gaffer has been onto us to keep in shape.


“In our WhatsApp group, Kev and Joe have been keeping us as up to date as they can. We are still all having the usual chat the boys would have, everyone is really close and we are all good pals.”


Most fans would have you as one of our top performers for this season, how do you think it has gone for yourself? 


“Personally for me, I have been happy with how it has gone. I’ll be a wee bit gutted if we don’t get to finish the season to see how many goals I could have got. 


“11 goals is a decent return that I’m happy with, more importantly for me is that this season I have chipped in with assists (7 assists in the League) and really worked hard to help out the guys on the pitch.”


How has it been captaining the side?


“It has been an amazing experience. I can remember at training Kev pulled me over and said he felt I had a strong voice on the pitch and that I was always giving everything for the team. When he asked I was honoured to best honest – it was something new for me but I have enjoyed it.”



How would you sum up the season?


“Honestly I think it we have to look back and be a wee bit disappointed about the position we are in. There have been wee moments in games where we were have lost out because of a mistake, or just not getting a bit of luck. 


“After winning at Stenny on the first weekend and the draw against Cove, we felt we could really push high up the table.


“We could be in much better position than we are, and that is frustrating. We have had some matches where we have played teams of the park then others were we just haven’t been at that 100% you need to be at.


“I think if we are to finish 9th it will be disappointing, although I think we could have finished higher if we have the chance to play out the season.”


“I have really enjoyed it, I am really happy being here.”



Who’s impressed you this season?


“I think some of the guys who maybe don’t start every single game have had some brilliant performances over the season and really progressed. Scotty (Roberts), (Daniel) Scally and Euan (East) have all done well and maybe been a wee bit unlucky.  


“Goody (Ryan) has been brilliant as the season has gone on. It has been a really tough time for him but he is a lovely guy to have in the changing room and he is a big part of the sqaud. He has made some amount of world-class saves.”


Favourite match this season?


4-2 at Home vs Annan, 21st December


“It was a game I played really well in, but also it was one of the matches I felt we really showed how good we can be. We battered Annan that day.


“Scally’s free-kick was brilliant and I managed to get two goals. My favourite part was actually setting up big Ouzy across the box for the fourth. Goody made a great save for their penalty aswell.”



Best memory so far?


“Most people always talk about the Cowdenbeath game last season, that was a brilliant night. It was a proper wee atmosphere and it wasn’t an easy game, it felt like one goal could win it. I can remember Giuliano playing the ball over the top and I just went for power.


“Actually the one that sticks out for me was the Saturday that had just been, I got two up in Elgin and we got a clean sheet which was amazing at the time. It really built on the Stirling match and it was two away games we hadn’t conceded.”



The fans have raised over £9,500


“It is an unbelievable amount of money. One thing I have really found out since joining is the family nature of the club. I think its unreal considering we don’t have a huge supporter base. I know I speak for all the boys when I say it’s appreciated. I know it will be a huge help.”