Zahid Choudhry signs on as training continues

The squad took part in another intense training session this morning, as we continue our preparations for the new season.
Zahid Choudhry joined up with the squad today from the U21s side. He joins a number of players who have already made the step up from the Reserves/U21s teams to Brian Reid’s First Team squad.

5 thoughts on “Zahid Choudhry signs on as training continues”

  1. “Разум, один раз расширивший свои пределы, никогда не вернется в бывшие.” – говорил А. Эйнштейн. Превеликое спасибо за то, что Вы, собственными материалами, позволяете уму выйти за пределы имеющихся границ.

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